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Does your fly fishing gear include a stack of disorganized fly boxes? Do you spend as much time figuring out where to put new flies as you do buying them? Those days are now over thanks to the Epic Creek Epic Tippet System Fly Storage Box.

This system includes: 

  • Epic Creek Fly box (holds 2 fly cards)
  • Epic Creek Bug Bank (holds 11 fly cards)
  • 13 fly cards in Epic System OR 5 fly cards in Starter System

The Epic Creek Tippet Fly Box:

This is Epic Creek's most customizable design. This box is made from durable semi-transparent polypropylene copolymer. You can carry up to 2 spools of tippet plus 2 fly cards. 

Epic Creek Fly Cards:

The Epic Creek fly cards are held in place with strong magnets - making them secure, but quickly interchangeable. The foam is pre-slit making storing flies convenient without damaging the fly foam. Each box comes with weather-proof labels so you can use a permanent marker to label your fly cards by stream, target species, season, or whatever your heart desires. The labels are also removable so that you can re-label a card later.

Tippet Option:

You have the option with this design to carry 2 tippet spools and 2 fly cards inside the box. This model is able to dispense tippet out of the box without opening the box. Your tippet will not get tangled with each other or with other gear in this arrangement. Additionally, if you want to store larger flies or already have a system for tippet that you like, the tippet pegs are removable - simply push them out by hand and remove the standoff magnets and you will have an extra 1/2 inch of depth in your box. The cards are still held firmly in place by the embedded magnets.

Epic Creek Bug Bank:

This durable Bug Bank case is constructed from heavy duty plastic with an ergonomically designed handle.


The Epic System comes with an Epic Creek Bug Bank with 11 fly cards - making the system contain 13 fly cards total - 2 in your fly box and 11 in the bug bank.

The Starter System comes with an Epic Creek Bug Bank with 3 fly cards - making the system contain 5 fly cards total - 2 in your fly box and 3 in the bug bank.

Note: Flies & Tippet shown in photos are not included.

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