Peak Fishing Base Camp Fly Tying Vise Package

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Each PEAK Base Camp Package configuration comes with our PRV Rotary Vise. The Base Camp Packages are available in your choice of Pedestal Base or C-Clamp configuration and you select your choice of additional jaw (vise comes with the standard jaw installed), either Midge or Saltwater option.

Always included with every configuration are PEAK's versatile Accessory Shaft, Brass Riser, Brass Screw Kit, D-Arm, (2) Material Clips, and the PEAK Rotary Tying Tips DVD. The PEAK Base Camp Package is perfect for the tier looking for the very best and most versatile vise and accessories.

PEAK's four Base Camp Package configurations are as follows:

BCVP-G2/M PEAK's PRV Vise, Pedestal Base Mount, additional Midge Jaw and each of the standard accessories listed for all BCVP's.

BCVP-C1/M PEAK's PRV Vise, C-Clamp mount, additional Midge Jaw and each of the standard accessories listed for all BCVP's.

BCVP-G2/SW PEAK's PRV Vise, Pedestal Base Mount, additional Saltwater Jaw and each of the standard accessories listed for all BCVP's.

BCVP-C1/SW PEAK's PRV Vise, C-Clamp mount, additional Saltwater Jaw and each of the standard accessories listed for all BCVP's.

Peak Fishing offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

(Pictured fly not included)

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Customer Reviews

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Just Buy The D*** Thing

I read hundreds over reviews, over a couple of months, and had it down to this on a Renzetti. I have never tried a Renzetti, can't speak to it, but I love this vise. It's build like the proverbial masonry outhouse. The base is large and heavy. Everything about the vise says quality and durability. Jaws are powerful and easy to adjust, rotary is slicker than a fart through silk panties. The accessories that come with this package are useful and well made. I'm a happy camper!

Works Very Well !!!

Very good vise for the cost, Ordered a C-clamp & a base all work and are 3/8" works with others tools I have.