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Its simple. You live in the city and play on the water. But your access to the shore is by subway not highway. Or maybe you pilot a performance ride, not an SUV.  

With an inflatable SUP, your board fits in its backpack and your transportation options are unlimited. Whether that means taking the A train to Rockaway Beach, biking down to Lake Michigan or car pooling to your favorite spot on the Colorado River, an iSUP fits your lifestyle.

Shop now and get more of the free time you deserve. 

SOL Paddle Boards is leading the industry in cutting edge inflatable SUP design. This innovative brand is where performance, durability, convenience and utility come together.

Can you picture yourself and 5 friends chilling on the lake on this massive 6-person party barge SUP? Of course you can!

The SOLfiesta is the grande board of SOL’s stand up paddle board lineup. It is the perfect board for a party; whether it is an afternoon cruise, team building activities or family fun, this board accommodates large parties. Strategically placed handles, comfortable EVA padding, and D rings make this board the perfect choice for passengers. Weight Capacity is 900lbs.

  • (2) 8″ removable Flex Fin
  • (4) 3” Non-removable Side Scags
  • Docks Locks Compatible Cleat
  • Quick Fin Release System
  • SOL Floor Hand Pump
  • 12v Electric Pump

    All SOL paddle boards come with a 3-year limited warranty.


        • Length: 15'6
        • Width 5'6
        • Depth 6"
        • Weight 69 lbs
        • Volume 1,000 litres
        • Weight capacity: 900 lbs

        Always wear an approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and appropriate safety equipment when using this or any other water craft. 

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